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    Grab Hire

    BSH Recycling Grab Hire Service

    BSH Recycling’s Grab Hire service is ideal for the cost effective, quick and efficient removal of waste where skip hire may not suffice because of volume, access or lack of space.

    Our 8-wheeled, 32 tonne grab lorries are capable of carrying up to 16 tonnes of inert waste. The 6-meter reach allows material to be grabbed straight from site, reducing the need to double handle waste. BSH Recycling Grab Lorry Operatives are fully trained and certified with years of experience to collect your waste or deliver loads of aggregate in a timely and safe fashion.

    Ideal for construction site clearance or large quantities of inert material, the BSH Recycling grab lorry provides another waste management solution alternative when skip hire cannot be used.

    Why Choose BSH Recycling Grab Hire?

    Our grab hire service is a vital part of the complete waste management solution that we offer. The service we provide is quality assured and recommended by those that use us. With a knowledgeable team from the office to our Grab Operatives, we ensure we meet your waste management needs. Give us a call today on 01778 394044 Opt 2 or email us at in order to discuss your requirements.

    BSH Recycling Grab Hire is a versatile service that can manage various waste types including; earth and soil, brick and concrete, recyclable materials (e.g. hardcore), clean inert, muck (or clay) and the delivery of aggregates and top soil.

    Grab Hire facilitates large quantities of waste removal quickly, no manual loading of skips, additional space on site and no need for skip permits. Don’t hesitate to contact our team today to discuss your requirements and get an experts opinion.

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    Grab Hire FAQs

    How much can the grab lorry carry?

    The BSH Recycling Grab Lorries are 32 tonne, 8 wheeled vehicles can carry a maximum of 16 tonnes, ideal for transporting and unloading large quantities of inert material quickly. With a 6-meter arm, the Grab Lorry Operator can retrieve material for locations with tight access without the need to manual load skips.

    What material is the grab lorry able to carry?

    The main purpose of the BSH Recycling Grab Lorry is to remove large quantities of inert material from site.

    How wide must the access entrance be?

    You will need 11ft to allow our vehicles access. It will also need to be free from low hanging branches, power lines and manhole covers to prevent obstruction.

    How and when do I pay for the grab hire service?

    Services must be paid for at the point of hire, either by debit/credit card over the telephone or BACS payment. BSH Recycling DO NOT accept cash upon arrival.

    What is the reach of the grab arm?

    At full extension, the grab arm can reach 6 meters to retrieve waste from hard to access locations.

    Can it lift material from over the wall?

    If the BSH Recycling Grab Lorry is able pull alongside the obstacle, it is able to reach material over a height of approximately 10ft, however, this can be affected by additional factors.

    How long does it take to load the grab lorry?

    If the material is accessible and free from obstruction, it may take approximately 15-20 minutes to load a grab lorry however this can fluctuate, depending upon the material, access and additional factors.

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