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    Waste Transfer Station

    Make The Most of What We Have To Offer

    Our waste transfer stations have been built in order to maximise the recovery, recycling and diversion from landfill of all materials that enter site before being moved onto secondary facilities for further treatment or disposal. BSH Recycling continues to implement the newest plant and procedures in order to increase the above figures.

    Fully licenced by the Environment Agency, we stand up to legislation and law imposed by governing bodies. BSH Recycling carefully monitor the environmental impact of each of its waste transfer stations, ensuring to minimise any emissions. With unnecessary vehicle idling not accepted on site, dust controlled and waste removed quickly… BSH Recycling does everything possible to reduce its impact.

    Commercial Waste Tipping

    Operating from our two waste transfer stations in Bourne and Peterborough, commercial waste customers including Man and Van companies can utilise our tipping facility for various waste types. BSH Recycling recycle, recover and divert from landfill various waste types including; general waste, wood, plastic, cardboard and paper, metals and glass. Our sites are also licenced to accept Asbestos prior to disposal.

    Compliance on Our Sites

    Your safety on our sites is paramount to us and as such, you will need PPE to enter our facility. Hard hat, safety boots and high visibility vest are mandatory for everyone entering site.

    In order to use our facilities, you will be required to hold a valid Waste Carriers Licence and provide a completed Waste Transfer Note. This is a legal requirement and tipping without it will not be authorised. A downloadable waste transfer note is available at the bottom of this page to download, print and complete.

    4 Step Tipping Process

    Step 1 – Present Waste Carriers Licence and Waste Transfer Note
    Step 2 – Weigh and Wait to be Called Forward
    Step 3 – Tip Waste in Allotted Area
    Step 4 – Weigh Off and Pay

    Asbestos Disposal

    BSH Recycling offer Asbestos Disposal as part of our complete waste management solution. We accept bonded asbestos into our facility to be stored within a sealed container prior to disposal at a licenced site. We require all paperwork associated with asbestos disposal prior to the tipping of waste, including transfer note and consignment note.

    Don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our experienced team today in order to discuss your requirements surrounding asbestos disposal and how BSH Recycling are able to help with this.

    Waste Transfer Note Template


    Get In Touch With Us

    We offer tailored waste management solutions to meet your requirements, meeting waste KPI’s, providing waste reporting and more. Find the solution you need here on our website or contact us for any further information.