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    Recycled 6F2

    BSH Recycling holds large stocks of certified 6F2 hardcore, ideal for a wide range of uses.

    Our hardcore is uniformly produced through the crushing of recycled aggregates including brick, stone, rocks, gravel and other quarry materials that come through our depots for processing.

    BSH Recycling certified 6F2 is ideal for sub bases, drainage layers, driveways, foundations, paving and even hard standings. 6F2 compacts well, is ideal for drainage and costs a fraction of quarried material. Furthermore, BSH Recycling’s product is recycled and thus creates a usable product from waste!

    Delivery of Aggregates

    With our range of vehicles, BSH Recycling are able to deliver material to domestic, trade and commercial customers in a variety of quantities. Supplied in 1 tonne bags or loose loads from 1 to 20 tonnes, we cater for all of your aggregate needs.

    Collection of Aggregates

    Aggregates can be collected from our Bourne Waste Transfer Station either in 1 tonne bags or tipped loose onto a vehicle. This gives you the flexibility to collect material without the need to pre-book or wait for delivery. Simply report to the Site Office, take direction from our Weighbridge Team, collect your aggregate and pay…

    Recycled Topsoil

    BSH Recycling hold large stocks of screened topsoil, ideal for a wide range of uses. Our topsoil is uniformly produced through our recycling processes at our depots.

    Screened Topsoil is ideal for varying applications including backfill, turf and building up levels. Our topsoil is a recycled product and produced from material received at our waste transfer stations. As such, topsoil from our facilities may vary in colour because of varying sources.

    Optionally, you could enhance the condition of our topsoil by added compost to provide the essential nutrients needed for the growth of green material.

    Aggregates FAQs

    What is the size of 6F2?

    Certified 6F2 supplied by BSH Recycling is a recycled product and is comprised of a mixture of concrete, brick and other aggregates, crushed to produce a product that is between 0mm-60mm.


    What is 6F2 suitable for?

    Our 6F2 is ideas as an inexpensive sub base for landscaping, drainage layers, hard-standings and a variety of other building projects.


    Is the recycled Hardcore product certified?

    Yes. Our 6F2 is a certified product. Please find the certificate below for viewing or download.


    How is the Hardcore delivered?

    BSH Recycling have numerous methods of delivery, depending upon the quantity 6F2 needed. Small quantities can be delivered in tonne bags, large quantities can be tipped onto site by a skip lorry and 20 tonne loads can be delivered by our fleet of tippers. BSH Recycling have the solution for all of your aggregate needs.


    Is the Screened Topsoil certified?

    No, the Screened Soil is not certified. BSH Recycling process material that passes through our Waste Transfer Stations and this results in the production of our Screened Topsoil.


    How fine is the screened top soil?

    The recycled screened soil is filtered through 10mm screening plates to remove large stones, debris and rubbish. Despite this, the product is a recycled material so may contain some small stones which cannot be taken out in the filtering process.

    What is the minimum I can order?

    Our minimum order of Screened Topsoil for delivery is 1 tonne.